DeskART is the program that allows your artistic side to 
explore a whole new world of CNC possibilities.


  • DeskART will import a BMP, GIF, JPEG, WMF, or TIFF image.
  • Convert the image into a 3D DXF Surface Mesh of 3D faces or directly into machineable G-Code.
  • DeskART comes with a host of image manipulating filters for on the fly image correction. 
  • Provides basic Raster to Vector conversion based on Image Depth with built in Topography and Vectorize settings. 
  • Tool paths can be smoothed with curve fitting and Entity count can be reduced significantly.

What does it do?

DeskART will take your drawings, photographs, or any other computer graphic image that you have and convert it into a DXF file or into G-Code ready to be machined. Imagine being able to build a jewelry box with the face of your loved one machined into the surface. You will be able to create works of art that you didn't think possible before. DeskART is the program you need to open your creative side to new potentials!
This is a screen capture showing the process of converting an image into the actual tool paths used in creating the finished engraving. The original file is loaded into DeskART and converted/processed into a greyscale image by numerous available graphics filters. Once you have processed the image, DeskART can convert your picture files directly into contour tool paths for your engraving machine! 
Here you can see another tool path function. DeskART has created a 3D surface map and then saved it as a DXF file (RIGHT) that can be stored into your CAD program. In the background you can see the 3D tool paths and the resulting G-Code that can be used by DeskNC to directly carve your masterpiece into your projects. Bring your CNC to a whole new level!