DesKAM  2000 is a Windows 95/98/NT based CAM program that inputs a 
2-1/2D DXF or 3D STL file 
and creates a post processed output file.

It can be used for milling, routing, drilling or anywhere  requiring 2 1/2 D toolpath creation.  It performs spiral pockets, contouring, drilling, and prototyping functions. 
  •     Automatically detects islands and nested islands 
  •      Multiple Depths - Islands on top of islands inside boundaries...etc. 
  •      Wall Profiles - Any region can have any wall profile 
  •      Automatically chains entities into regions 
  •      Integrated 3D Editor with real time zoom, pan, and rotate 
  •      Syntax highlighted editor 
  •      User defined configurations 
  •      Programmable Post Processor 
  •      Automatically vectorizes DXF Text 
  •      Easy routing of PC Boards 
  •      Prototyping of STL solids 
DesKAM is one of the easiest CAM programs to learn and use!
This is an actual screen capture showing the finished tool paths and the G-code ready to be loaded into DeskNC. With this program you can process 2D DXF files produced by your CAD software using various CAM functions such as Spiral Pocketing, Contouring, and PC Board Routing. 
Here is a screen capture of a 3D teapot imported from an STL file. The toolpaths are seen around the STL geometry. You now have the ability to create parts of very high complexity... all from your computer! 
This plastic mold has two degree sides and was created from DesKAM 2000
LCD display printed circuit board
Created by DesKAM - Routed by DeskNCrt in Closed Loop Mode
Impeller for a Model Engine Water Brake
Created with DesKAM - Machined with DeskNC